Twitter for Business: How To Build Strategy That Never Fails

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Are you using Twitter for your business, or you haven’t started it, just because you haven’t yet found a perfect twitter marketing strategy?

Whatever is the reason, but if the Twitter is not a part of your social media marketing strategy, you are missing the huge benefits of Twitter for marketing.

According to a research, 60 percent of users purchased an item because they saw that product on Twitter.

That makes Twitter a great tool for marketers.

Though, having a great opportunity to market business on Twitter, many marketers fail when they do it.

It isn’t happening because they are newbie marketers, but because they don’t know how to build a perfect twitter marketing strategy that works like a charm.

How to develop a powerful twitter marketing strategy for business

Businesses are getting onto Twitter every day. Most of them have no idea how to start marketing their business on Twitter?

Their activities be something like this:

  • They send you various links to your direct message box
  • Instead of building a relationship they want you to click on their link and visit their company profile
  • They tag you without even knowing you, if you have an interest in their product or not

They use BOT to send messages instead of being personal

We, Twitter buddies, see these promotions no more as spam. Trust should be the core of marketing on the Twitter.

It’s a social networking site. It is not called “social” for nothing.

Here are some rock solid twitter marketing tips to market your business with the Twitter:

Find your target audience and be more interested in helping than making money

Selling something becomes easier if you find the right person for your product even if you have fewer resources and money than your competitor.

Knowing target audience is the first step of marketing, whether you are doing online marketing or offline.

Without it, it will be same like shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the mark.

How to find who is your targeted audience?

You might have heard the phrase “find your target market, create interesting content and sell them your product.”

But, how?

How to find the target market?

What defines your prospective clients.

Following are the tips that will help you to crack this code:

  • You need to know the motivations of your target audience
  • You need to find out the real reason and focus on what others want from you
  • You need to find the pain points that make them come to you

Once you’ll be able to find the answers to the above questions, you can offer the best possible solution to that person, and show him that you have their best interests in mind.

Help others to achieve their goals, they’ll be more likely to help you achieve yours.

Your twitter followers are the real person they have emotions and real life problems. Don’t see them a money making a machine instead, treat them as your best friend.

Help them and they will help you back. Maybe some of them may not always have the money to purchase your products but they will happily retweet a product for you.

The best way to understand your prospective customers create a buyer persona and collect information about them.

It will help you understand them better, and the motives behind their purchasing behavior.

Build a relationship with relevant profiles/influencers you want to connect with

Networking isn’t just important for a career but also helps to build a successful business.

By building a healthy relationship with influencers in your niche — you can extend your reach and boost your visibility online.

You might already have a personal network built and know some of the people in your industry.

Do you think that is enough for the success of your online business?


Do you want to know the reason, why?

Here are the answers:

  • You don’t have the relation to the bloggers who write about your product or service
  • You don’t have relation with the people who have written books on your topic
  • You don’t know magazine editors in your space
  • You don’t know investors who are especially interested in your type of product

Remember, there are thousands of people out there who are looking for your product like you have.

Your job is to find those people and connect with them.

If you’re going to do it manually, it will take lots of time and money.

To solve that problem. Here are some tools that will make easy for you, find key influencers in your industry on Twitter that you need to connect with.

1. Klear Klear is an excellent tool for analyzing Twitter accounts. It also supports, YouTube, blogs, and Instagram.

find influencer klear

It is a social intelligence platform that helps brands make smarter marketing than before.

Klear divides people into over 40,000 categories that make easy for you to find the right people in your niche.

2. Little Bird It is another awesome tool that allows you to identify the influencers who matter you most for your business.

With Little Bird, you will be able to find the right person for your business in less than 5 minutes.

How to find influencers on Twitter

3. Buzzsumo It is one of the favorite content research tools of content marketers to find the trending topics to create content.

But, it has also a feature for identifying influencers.

4. Traackr It is specially designed for influential marketing. It is a complete influencer management tool that lets you find influencers (or upload them) as well as track all conversation with them.

Influencer Marketing that matters Traackr

5. Twitonomy If you want to build a detailed database about influencers this tool has got you covered.

It provides detailed data about the people who talks regularly related to your product.

finding influencers

Once you find the right people here are what you need to do next:

Add value first – Twitter is a big community, and no one will care about you unless you provide them something valuable that they need. For example: (E-book, coupon, free passes of webinar, etc.)

Be sincere and helpful. If you can’t provide add the value don’t follow them.

Be outstanding – Social media is a noisy platform to get noticed you have to make your own unique path.

Don’t just tweet a rubbish. Create a product that makes your follower’s life easy.

Be humble and show respect – First, Follow the influencers you have listed on Twitter – all their accounts, personal and business.

If you get a follow back from them, tweet a thank you to their @handle.

Ask for a suggestion – Never directly ask influencers to tweet about your product instead, ask them for a suggestion, how can you make your product better?

Asking a suggestion will make them feel special, they will be happy to share their thoughts and will be more likely to take an interest in your product.

Furthermore, chances are they tweet your message and suggest your product with their followers.

Introduce your company at the right time and place

Today, in morning I was reading an article and I saw a phrase it was “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

It is true in many contexts in our life as well as fits in business, too.

To keep alive your business, you need steady clients, whether they come from organic search, referrals or word-of-mouth.

If they aren’t coming to these ways, you need to hunt them yourselves.

But the problem is, how would you introduce your business to new customers?

Would you tell him/her about your business in your first conversation or in the second?

You might get confused whether you should do that in the first encounter with your client or second or you should wait for some more.

Never introduce your business to your followers in the first or second meeting.

Wait, till you successfully build a relationship with them.

Don’t do hurry to do that.

If you do so, you might lose them for forever.

I want to share a little incident with you, I had on Twitter.

Recently, I had a Twitter follower, we had a good chat but instead of talking about marketing or blogging, he was only interested in talking about his company and its product.

Of course, it shouldn’t have bothered me, but he did that immediately after saying “hi”.

Although, I tried to change the topic of conversation, but he was stuck in his company and product.

You know what I thought that time?

I thought he wasn’t interested in building a relationship, he was only after my money and was trying to sell his product to me.

That made me lost interest in him and his product.

Furthermore, neither I did promote his product nor I recommended anyone else to do that.

The lesson here is to learn, promote your product only when you find the right time and place.

Never make the mistake that the guy did.

Your twitter profile a powerful weapon, use it right. And learn to warm up conversations.

Make your company’s “voice” unique

Everyone has some sort of story to tell, so has your company.

We’ve all heard that before and can easily identify to the truth of the statement.

However, telling a story to someone is easy but when it comes to telling about business, then you need some skills – you can’t just tell your story any old way – it has to be told in your company’s voice.

What makes your company’s voice unique?

Your voice attracts your clients to your market, so it’s crucial that is should be outstanding.

A perfect company’s voice should be authentic, trustworthy, consistent, and clear.

Authentic – Your company should always present their own points of view and ideas, not to the copy from someone else.

It must have your company’s story, vision, and mission.

Trustworthy – The world we are living in are filled with cheaters and cruel people.

Therefore, when a company speaks honestly and truthfully about their services and goals, it’s build trust.

The hard truth about trust is, it takes a long time to establish but a short time to lose.

Consistency – The news about your company should consistently deliver to your followers.

Your company should be on their mind.

Be Clear – When you are delivering your company’s message to your clients – make sure you be real and be clear.

You’ll find that your clients will quickly engage with you and would like to join you in on the conversation.

If you successfully maintain these four elements, you will see huge customer engagement towards your company.

Reach out a helping hand whenever tweet

A healthy relationship builds when both parties trust each other and are ready to help without asking for something in return.

This is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that only smart marketers using for a long time.

Help each other whenever possible. Tweet their messages not only on Twitter, but also other social media sites such as (Linkedin, Facebook, and Google Plus.)

Don’t only focus on your company and your product, but also promote the services of another without asking anything in return.

Build a strong community who helps each other without being a sales person.

Many users on Twitter send tweet various messages without adding any value in that they are known as a spammer in the Twitter community.

There are two types of people who promote their business on Twitter.

The first one, who self-admire and promote their own product or website over and over again.

The second one is always ready to help and get more clients than first one.

It happens not just because they are smarter than first one, but they have built a community of people who help them to get more business.

Which type you want to be is up to you.

Wrapping Up!

There are lots, have to say on this topic, if I will cover them all, I am afraid it could be boring and you might not read all.

In fact, I am planning to create a detailed guide in future on the Twitter marketing for small businesses.

In the meantime – what tips or suggestions would you like we should mention in this post?

In the same way, what other businesses you see successfully marketing on Twitter?

What are they doing right? And what are they missing?

I would be happy to see your thoughts in the comment.

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