7 Smart B2B Marketing Tips to Convert Visitors into Customers


If you are a small to medium-sized business owner whose business style is B2B (business to business), you will probably know how difficult it is to fit in a digital age.

You know it is not so easy to market and sell your products online especially for B2B marketers.

Not long ago, marketing needed human interaction even if it was on the web. But the time has changed and brand relationship building has turned out to be easy like never before. So, now people search and find their prospective company to buy products online.a

But the question is, how can the small-size businesses fit in a digital age? Where competition is too high to be on the top.

In this post I will share with you seven smart B2B marketing tips to convert visitors into customers-

#1. Know Your Customers’ Need

Knowing your customers’ needs is the first step of successful marketing.

Once you understand your clients’ need then you can sale your products to them with less efforts and less resources.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what your clients actually want from you, you will not be successful even after putting your hard work and employing ample resources.

There is no point shooting in the dark.

If you are a service provider and working with clients directly, then it is possible that they will let you know about their problems with your products and services.

Pay attention to them and note down the areas that need improvement.

It will help you to ameliorate your services better for them.

Show a special welcome to your new website visitors. There should be a personal message on your site as if you are welcoming your new visitors to make them feel special.

See Phil Collins’ welcome page and analyze how he has increased his leads through it.

Welcome to my new website Phil Collins

Everyone wants that people pay respect to them. And when your site has a welcome page, the chances of your first time visitor becoming your regular visitor.

#2. A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered why a visitor is not viewing other pages of your website after landing on one?

Why do you have a high bounce rate? I am sure this question will be whirling around in your mind!

Don’t you want to know the answer of those questions?

Let me answer these questions, why you have a high bounce rate and why people are not getting converted into customers after landing on your site.

The answer to that is- because of the poor design of your landing page and the bad navigation.

Here you will need A/B testing:

A/B Testing also known as split testing is the process of testing two different versions of a single page against each other to know which one is performing better.

A/B Testing is time-saving and an effective way to increase sales and attract more visitors to your site. See how a small company improved their conversion by almost 5% using A/B testing.

They simply tested two different person’s images on their website Jocelyn on the left, and Michael on the right. What they found was Michael helped improve conversion rate by almost 5% rather than Jocelyn.

Ab testing

So, what worked for them can even work for you! However, you have to try different methods on your own. Because if you only imitate their method it might not work for you as every enterprise have unique needs.

#3. Use Testimonials

Customers’ testimonials and reviews about the company and its product shows what your users think about you and your company. Testimonials play a vital role of an organization’s branding.

According to a survey, 75% of the people think that the companies do not tell the truth about their advertisements while 14% people do believe on the advertisements.

Your potential customers will not believe in you because you say so, but might believe if somebody else says it! That is why you will need testimonials.

Even Linkedin’s survey of B2B marketers’ testimonials are one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into real customers. Linkedin being a big example is a proof that you must go for it.


                                                                  Images from Linkedin survey

When you are using testimonials, make sure they should be real. It never looks like you have written it yourself or bought a fake review.

It is not a smart idea to cheat your clients with fake testimonials because a business depends on trust and honesty. Today, people have become smart enough to be fooled, so it’s better not to try using fake testimonials.

Real testimonials must have your client’s image and his company name. Do you want to know what a real testimonials look like? Here is an example, take a look!

Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Analytics Tool


There is one more way you can use your testimonials as a ‘Call to action’. Neil Patel did this for his Quick Sprout blog and it helped him to generate more leads than before.

Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Analytics Tool

                                                                                Image Source

#4. Case Studies

You know how case studies can help you grow your traffic as well as convert your visitors into customers. If you have done a fabulous job for your customers in the past, you must share it with your readers.

It will help you to build trust on them because they will see that you have successfully provided that service in the past.

Neil Patel has put case studies on his blog. Do you know what percentage of the visitors get converted into leads after sharing a case study with his readers? It is about 13.8%.

The reason a case study converts visitors into your potential customers is that its does not only talk about the traffic and money, but also about the related problems and how you have solved in the past.

When people read case studies they feel the problem being talked about is there own, and if it did work for others so it might work for them as well.

When you share a case study, make sure it should look like your real story rather than a fantasy which is hard to believe.

#5. Client’s Logo

Have you ever imagined how a logo can help you to increase your revenue as well as leads? Have you never seen a logo before on someone’s website? I am sure you have, and it is not something new to you!

client logo

Yes, client’s logo can help you to get more leads. If you have worked for some top companies you can show their logo on your website.

Because if you have worked for some top companies, it means that those companies have a sense of trust in you. And people love to follow big names, whether it is in real life or in business.

#6. Remarketing

If you are using Adwords for generating leads then remarketing is the best for you to convert visitors into customers.

Remarketing simply let you show your ads to those folks who have visited your site before.

When people leave your site without converting or purchasing anything, remarketing help you to reconnect with them by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web.

Retargeting can help in various streams whether you want to build relationships, increase registrations, drive sales or brand promotion.

A survey held by AdRoll, 90% of marketers said remarketing is more effective than email, search and other types of display campaigns.

See below how remarketing works:


                                                                                        Image Source

#7. Promote A Free Trial

The brutal truth is that people loves to have a free sample before purchasing anything even if it is offline or online. If you have a great product to sell, offer them a free trial for a limited time such as one week, 15 days or a month. But make sure not to offer free service more than a month.

By indicating free trial is for a limited time you can create urgency of it as a call to action.

Most SaaS companies offer free trials to their visitors and hope they will get converted into a paying customer. There are mixed opinions about the free subscriptions as most businesses get successful but some fail to get converted.

If you have a great product and you know it helps users then the chances are that you will be successful. Once you get the details from free subscriptions you should be in touch with your prospective clients via email and tell them about your new services and offers.

When you are providing free trials make you sure that you offer customer support as well. Tell them step-by-step instructions about software installation and how they can use your product.

Once the trial period is over, send them a warm email and ask them for how they felt after using the trial version and how was their experience. Try to convince them how your product will help them in their work in the near future.

See how ahrefs increased his sales offering a free trial.

Ahrefs SEO Tools Backlink Checker SEO Report

Final Thoughts

There are several ways you can convert your visitors into customers, you just have to find resources near you and unlock their real value. It is imperative to find where you are lacking and what new you can do to improve your organization’s sales.

The above methods has worked for me and other companies as well.

If you have other ideas on how a visitor gets converted into a customer feel free to drop a quick note below. Also, suggestions are more than welcome!

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